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This section is dedicated to finding the mystical essence of the gods, the Triforce. Its whereabouts are unknown and no one has found it yet. If you have any ideas or clues of where it could be or where you would have liked to have it send it here. Keep on looking.

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Triforce Stories:

My Triforce Story:
This is not true, this is just my story.
(1) You must have all 100 skultullas.
(2) You must have already beaten the game and Viewed the ending.
(3) Beat the running man and he will give you his Pegasus shoes. These shoes allow you to fly around provided you have enough magic power.
(4) Fly up in to the high cavern on the mountain side of Zoras Fountain(Jabu Jabu's Home).
(5) Fight the Giant Snow Dragon there. Beat him and recieve the Golden Torch.
(6) Unmelt Zoras Domain using the torch. It will return back to normal. The Zoras will grant you access to their Mystic Cavern.
(7) Equip your Iron Boots and sink to the bottom of Zoras Domain and enter the Mystic Cavern.
(8) In the Cavern you will end up at a huge room with a big swirling portal at the other end. Enter the Portal.
(9) This Portal takes you to the Sacred realm. Enter the big Temple in the middle of the Realm.Up about 300 steps you will come to the Triforce Shrine. The Triforce is suprisingly bigger than you!
(10)As you approach it a big black cloud appears over it and sucks it in. Then the Ultimate Boss comes out.
(11)Culex:The god of Evil-Is the fourth god of the Universe. The three good gods appear and equip you with the Mightiest Weapon, The Holy Light Sword.
(12)Culex: He begins with a summoning of about 10 Stalfoses to attack you all at once. Your Mighty Sword Pierces them with one blow. He then Attacks you with a storm of Daggers. When he does you charge up a spin swing and reflect the daggers back at him. He will be stunned, giving you enough time to blast him with as many light arrows as you can. He will also revive dead Bosses from earlier Temples like Queen Gohma, King Dogdongo, and Phantom Gannon.Except they are alot easier with your Light Sword. After about 70 blasts with the Light Arrows and a final blow with the Sacred Sword, Culex will die. The Triforce will decend from the Dark cloud and the cloud will dissappear. Touch the Triforce and You will become The Peaceful fourth God, Link.

~The End~

Like my story? Send yours in and i'll publish it!

Lisa and Alexis' Story:
1. Kill all 100 skultullas
2. Go to the Temple of Time and play the song of time to open a door behind the Master Sword. Go through it to reach the Unicorns fountain.
3. Play Zeldas lulliby to release the flying Unicorn named Pegusus from its cage in the fountain.
4. Then ride him out of the fountain and through the Temple of Time.
5.Once your out fly Pegusus straight up to the clouds and you will then see Din, Farore, and Nyru.
6.Talk to them and they will then show you the Triforce.
7.Just as you are about to grab it the clouds will then break apart to reveal Hayrora!
Hayrora: All of previos bosses spirits crammed into one body to create the Ultimate evil dude!!!!!
8.As Hayrora tries to kill you a few times avoid them and Din, Farore, And Nyru will put there powers together to create the Sword of Destiny.
9.Hop on Pegusus and attack Hayrora with your sword from behind. After a few hits he will fall to the ground were you destroy him with one last powerful blow.
10.After he dies Din, Farore, and Nyru grant you the Triforce!

The End

Trunks Briefs' Story:
1. First you must kill all the Skultullas and blow up all the Gossip stones. ( Be sure tokill the last Skultulla as a kid). Make sure to have beaten the game at least 10 times.
2. After that, go to the temple of time, and go to where the spiritualstones are.Take out the light arrow andhit the centerof the TriforceandZelda appears with Raru - the sage of light.
3.Get the master sword,talk to them and they will tell youthere is great danger lurking in Lake Hylia.
4. Go to the lakeside Laboratory and talk to the Professor. He'll say " I'm doing some experiments on the shark down there, so could you help me?". So put on the Iron boots and go down to the bottom of the tank.
5. There will be a cinematic and the shark gets loose, you find out there is not only one shark but seven of them. You have a quick battle you have to hit each shark 5 times with your longshot.
6. After you do that they will brake a hole in the wall and all the water will spill out into lake Hylia, The sharks scatter to different places. In order for you to face them, there is one in the haunted waste land.You battle him in the lost pyramid(spirit), one in thedarkness that isbeneath the well (shadow), one in the temple of time (light) (the window that never shines will shinewalk into it to battle him),one in the Scarced forest meadow(forest)one in the lavain the center of death mountain(fire),one in the waters of Lake Hylia(water) and the most powerful one in Kokiri Forest (the Fire, water and Forest one are more powerful because they take the spiritual stones).
7. After you face and beat all of the sharks, faceGanon at his castle and after you beat himZeldadoes notsend you back in time she tells you of a person that is known as theGreat fairy of life.
8. Talk to her and she will give you thegreat fairy tunic which enables you to fly when you press the L button.
9. Go to the temple of time and use thegreat fairy tunic to fly over the gossip stones there you will find the Unicorn Fountain.
10. PlayZelda's Lullabyand out will become an image of the three gods Din,Nayru and Farore they willgive you Ganon's Triforce of Power and they will ask you if you want to ask Zelda ifshe wants to give you her part of the triforce and she says yes andthe triforce is now complete youlearn a song called theMelody of the sages itwarps youto the chamber of sages where you can visit your old friends and battleall the bosses again, but you can only play theMelody of the Sages on awarp pad.
The Triforce gives you infinite life,magic and items. You can get special power-upsand even some new weaponslike the golden longshot andthe moveable Bombchu, with new weapons likeLinks Courage a new spell that lets you shoot a beam of light out of your hand, thebombarrows that explode on impact and the shadow arrows thatkeep on going even after it hits a enemy or even a wall.It also gives Epona wings to fly with the L buttonand infinite Carrots.

Myca and Zach's Story:
After Link destroys Ganon and the game shows its credits, keep the game on. Do not turn it off. Then, if you wait awhile in the court yard with Zelda it starts playing songs. One of the songs is called Melody of the Gods which you can tell is different from all the other songs because you should remember the other songs were used during the game. Then Zelda teaches it to you. Next, you turn off the game then go to the Temple of Light as adult Link and play the song where you would usually get the Master Sword. Then the Triforce comes down from the light in the ceiling and it turns into the 3 gods and they say thank you for saving Hyrule and setting them free. They give you all the powers of the Triforce to keep Hyrule and the rest of the world safe from harm forever.

Jamie's Story:
As kid link, warp to the temple of time and play the song of time on the warp pad. Then warp to the fire temple and play song of time on the warp pad. Do the same in the desert sprit temple. When all of this is done warp back to the temple of time. Go and play the song of time in front of the spritual stones. The door of time will close if every thing has been done right. Re-open the door and grab the Master sword.
The cinema scene will be the same as it was the first time you got the sword, however this time, Ganondorf will challenge you to a battle. The fight will take place in the chamber of the master sword, with the door closed! Use the mirror shield, and reflect the light from the high up window into Ganondorfs face. He will be stunned for a few seconds. Smack him with the Megaton hammer. Do this enough times and he will appear to die. Sheik will appear and congratulate you. The of time will open. Exit the chamber of the master sword, whoops, spoke too soon. Ganondorf will erect a dark magic barrier so you cant escape. He will use the triforce power to mutate into Ganon, just like in the finale battle. Beat him in the same way. He is alot harder though. Once you beat him, his battered body will turn back how it should be then dissappear. The Triforce of power will remain. Grab it! Sheik wil turn into Zelda and say that the evil power has vanished. All the sages will awaken.
Zelda will warp you to the Sacred realm and thank you by granting you her piece of the Triforce. At this point you can save the game! The complete triforce will appear in the Quest status subscreen, as well as on the back of your hand. As well as the Triforce you will also have the secret technique of the sword beam, which will replace the jump attack, not that that will bother any of you. Enjoy!
* ~The End ~ *

Zeroeagle's Story:
After link defeats Gandorf,and gets a piece of the triforce. He decides to go to the dead Deku tree. He goes in and looks around. Angry that his old friend died he slashed the inside of the tree with his master sword. Suddenly there is a rumbling and a man named harp pops out of the tree. He goes out to see that a man named harp is levating over the tree. He goes up and finds out that his name is Harp. He claims that he is the father of Din, Fareore, and Naru(Witch means he is the father of the Earth). He also says that Gandorf was his brother. He gives thanks but says that he must kill or marry Princess Zelda, then the Triforce can be returned to the right hands. Link, on the otherhand, had recently made a wish to make Saria Hylian and to be his age. Link had to choose now, the Earth, or his love. Link was upset. He sent a telopathic message to Zelda saying to give the triforce to the man named Harp. He then took his sword, and killed himself, since he couldent choose. Then the triforce is given to Zelda, and she gives it to Harp. From that point on The Earth was in peace.

egyptiongur's Story:

1) you have to have killed 100 gold skultullas
2) you have to beat the game 3 times (95-100%)
3) okay now that you have done that on your way to the castle you see a flash of light then you are transported to a time when you were very little and you see Saria as your older sister then you see zelda and a little boy playing in the castle courtyard.
4) a visionary of the older Zelda appears and tells you the story of her twin brother Sheik and how she used his identity when you were collecting medallions
5) the surprise is that then she announces that Impa is her mother and queen of hyrule...
6) when that's over you learn that there is a fourth triforce the triforce of ... life
7) when you go to the castle as an adult Impa tells her version of the story
8) Now you are transported to where Link is a toddler once more and must awaken the sages of that time
9) when your in this time DO NOT talk to the toddlers just yet they will talk to you when the time is right...
10) Now go to the castle as an adult and find Sheik and Zelda and you guessed it Ganandorf.
11) Sheik is wrapped in chains from shoulders to toes and Zelda is crying and is holding him up (he is half ... dead) Ganandorf turns sees you and starts to laugh an evil laugh mind you...
12) then he declares eternal war against you and as Zelda is talking to you must defeat Ganandorf
13) once he is defeated he goes and tries to kill Sheiks soul but it has to much life in it then out of the corner of Link's eye he sees saria star at the scene...
14) GANON then takes over Sheiks body ... you must now defeat him
15) once he is down Zelda then screams'NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!?!" and puts her self in his body
16) now that Links good and confused he must now put this thing down
17) after he is defeated for the 3 time (Ganon) Ganon is dead no question about it, its final, and zelda jumps out of Sheiks body along with Ganon all four of them glow with a different color... Link Gold= Courage Zelda Pink-Purple= wisdom Ganon Black=Power then saria comes down and explains how she saw the whole thing and what was going on then the rest of the sages appear out of nowhere along with 4 get this 4 faeries and what do ya know impa walks forward and tells that there was a fourth faerie - of light and happiness then you are granted Kamau's light which no matter what guides you any where in any place. Know you are confronted by Sheik Zelda and ganandorf the hand with the symbol of the triforce starts to glow the sages circle around all of you and then pronounce that Sheik has the triforce of life which holds the true triforce together... then ganon dissapears and you have a nkew quest to awaken the knew person who holds the triforce of power but Rauru steps forward and says that is not needed and creates another triangle on your other hand and pronounces you the first and only person to hold the triforce of Courage and power and explains that" You must have life o use your wisdom. And you must have wisdom to control the power of your courage to use power." and tells the story of Din's,Nayru's,Farore's, and Kamau's roll in the creation of all things. Then Din steps forward and pronounces she is the oracle of seasons, and then Nayru proclames herself as oracle of ages, Farore then says she is the oracle of secrets, and last but certainly not least Kamau steps forward and announces that she is the oracle of Life And Creation ( No this doesn't mean it has to do with any of the other games including any game boy games sorry if it got confusing but its the truth they are each oracles of something and with everything that had been done they had been awakened in Hyrule itself.)Note know you can talk to the toddlers AND SO HYRULE IS SAFE .............FOR NOW....................

cronus7's Story:

1) In the bottom of the well you have to be adult link and you have to have beaten Bongo Bongo.
2) Hit the large stone blocking your way with the megaton hammer and the stone breaks.
3) You enter and you find out Bongo Bongo wasn't the spirit thing you battle the spirit thing here.
4) First he attacks you by changing into a huge redead so you hit his legs with your sword till he is almost dead.
5) Then his head gets bigger and his legs get smaller so you hit his tiny legs and his head blows up.
6) Then navi is swallowed into darkness and a huge navi appears and it is evil so you have to beat evil navi.
7) First navi attacks you with psychic powers and you have to hit it back like with Phantom Ganon.
8) When navi gets hit you have to hit her with an ice arrow and she gets frozen and then a stray kikiri touches navi and the ice and navi break.
9) Then you recieve a lightning sword.
10) Then you shoot lightning out of the lightning sword where you got the fire arrow and a super navi comes out.
11) You bring the super navi to the great deku tree and revives it.
12) The great deku tree gives link a special ocarina song that speeds up time.
13) So Link speeds up time and the deku tree sprout grows and a vine appears out of the tree.
14) So Link climbs up the vine and a super mask is up there.
15) You give the mask to the mask guy in Hyrule town market and he gives you an old, dirty mask.
16) So you go back in time and the old,dirty mask becomes new and Link sees that the mask is the warp mask.
17) Link then puts on the mask and warps to an unknown part of the dodongo mountain.
18) There Link sees an Evil Darunia it throws 100 rocks at you if you hit them all back to him and hits him he dies.
19) There is a mountain hole behind him and link drops down it and sees a triforce symbol on the wall.
20) He plays Zelda's Lullaby and Link sees that the water in the ice cavern has dissapeared and a hole is visible.
21) So he drops down the hole and sees a sun symbol on the wall so he plays the sun's song and the temperature in dodongo's mountain drops.
22) He becomes young link and goes in there and he sees the triforce on a pedestal in the middle of the room.
23) So young link grabs it and sees Ganon appear out of it so link shoots him with a light arrow that was somehow hidden behind his shield and Ganon dies.
24) So young Link gets the triforce and goes and sees the king of Hyrule and finds him dead.
25) So he uses the power of the triforce to revive him and banish all evil from hyrule!

Johnjjod11's Story:

First you have to be adult link and get the biggorons sword. Then go to the forest temple. You must get through the temple without being touched then when you get to gannondorf's phantom fight him using the biggorons sword right when the last beam comes at you hit it with the biggoroms sword and right in the middle of the swing change your weapon to the master sword. Gannon's phantom will fall and Zelda will give you light arrows!!! Shoot the phantom with the light arrows and he will drop his staff. Pick up the staff and it will say you got the mystical staff! But due to the evil in the staff Link kills Zelda!! now Link is in so much grief he just kills every enemy he can find on his way to the Great deku tree.
The deku tree sprout tells you that if you insert the three spiritual stones into the handle of the staff it's evil power will be transformed into great power that is in Link's control! After inserting the stones the door of time shuts and Link still has the master sword. But when you use the staff it does less damage than the master sward Link goes to see the deku tree sprout about this.
When you arrive the deku tree sprout tells him to combined it which the Light arrows. When you do this the golden beam returns and the Deku sprout says that it returns life to the good and kills evil instantly!! Link shoots the Great Deku tree But all the tree does is mumble "medallions". Link goes throughout the temples killing all the enemies in 1 Hit. Once Link collects 5 medallions he will notice that he never got the forest medallion Link goes to see the sprout about this. when he gets there the Deku tree is as healthy as ever and says evil lurks inside me.
Link walks through the mouth to see the triforce but the triforce is being guarded by Zelda's spirit. Zelda accuses you of killing her and Zelda and Gannon combine To make Garuktha!!! Link shoots his beam to his suprise barely scratches Garuktha and after an astounding battle you win. As head towards the exit saria is standing there you notice that the triforce symbol is on her hand. You also notice that she is older Saria tells Link that she is Zelda's sister and knows that you didn't mean to Kill Zelda. Link finds out the he has the triforce of both courage and power.

NeVeRALooSeR's Story:

I would like it if after you meet and beat Ganndorf and make it down the tower both Zelda and Link are unaware of the threat of Ganon. Casually walking towards the rainbow bridge, Link passes by the pile of rubble. Suddenly, out of nowhere it seems, it beast emerges from the mess and knocks Link off the floating island and into the lava beneath. Zelda screams in horror as Link falls through the darkness of an evil vortex into a coressponding realm.
He ends on in a caldera on an island in an archepelago. The sun suddenly turns dark as the heavens get sucked upwards. A large beast rises from the humungous ocean. From nearby, Link picks up a blank mask-entirely black with no features whatsoever-and puts it on. The mask turns him inside out, distorting his body shape and color. Before he notices it, Link finds himself as big as the beast, as if he were in a few centimeters of water. Protruding from the earth is a mighty sword, which, with little effort, he weilds.
The battle between good and bad shakes the universe. Each of the opponents nearly falled off the world. Finally, the black hole above them grew big enough to suck the beast through. As Link drove the sword through him the beast fell upon him. Then it was lifted, slowly at first, but increasing in speed. The black whole swallowed the evil body. Link fell to the ground, lifeless from the battle, hanging onto his consiousness with all he had-which was not much. As his head hit the ground the mask flew off and light enveloped him. The next thing he knew, he was back in his home, as a kid. On his hand a single golden triangle shined brightly.
He was dumbfounded. On his bulletin board was posted a pictograph of a beautiful white castle floating on a transparent cloud. Below he saw was a lake, tall mountain, dense forest, vast desert, and heavily populated city. Looking past the land he knew in the photo as Hyrule, he saw a giant sword lying in an ocean blotted with islands of all sizes. ĜHow...,* he thought. ĜWow...* The triforce was in him. Although he didnęt know it. Why was it out of the sacred realm when he was a kid?
Far away, in another time and place, a man digging for ancient artifacts found a mask. A mask that was black as night on the inside, but on the outside was the face of a warrior with a triforce on his forehead. The eyes stared into hate.
From then on, whenever someone woar the mask, it changed shape. A lizard, worm, ninja, feirce tribman, and beautiful woman-each with special powers. The real question is... Who had worn it before Link?

Poochys's Story:

First, go to Lon Lon Ranch and beat her obstacle course. When you get the cow, ride Epona to Kokiri Forest and play Epona's song for it. But instead of giving you milk she says, "Oh dear! I think I'm all dried up! If only I had some magic soup...". Well you have to get magic soup for her. The cow apoligizes and says if you get her the soup, she will give you some milk and a prize.
Ride Epona to Gerudo Valley. On one of the rocks outside of the valley, you run into the owl. He says you must head to Zora's Domain for some business. He doesn't tell you what it is though. But don't go there yet. Continue to Gerudo Valley. Go to the fortress. Go into the first bulding and make your way to the room with a big pot of soup on one wall. Put on your Goron tunic and Jump on one of the grill things. You have to do this fast - those grills are hot! Put a bottle to one of your C buttons and try to get some of the soup. One of the guards spots you and tells you you need a magic bottle to get some of that soup. She will give it to you on one condition: you have to give her something of yours. A photo of any guy in the marketplace. How do you do this? The woman gives you a pictograph box (don't ask). You can't get one now because the only men in the marketplace are ReDeads! Warp to the Temple of Time and become a kid.
Now go outside and take a picture of Honey and Darling (the two smooching people in the center of the marketplace). Now become and adult again and ride back to Gerudo Valley. Talk to that same guard and she will ask you about your progress. Give her the photo and she will get jealous. She throws the magic bottle and runs out of the place. Don't follow her. Now jump up there and get some of that soup!
Now leave the fortress. Follow the river running beneath the bridge and you'll end up at Lake Hylia. Go to the fishermans hut and fish. Look for a fish that's at least 5 pounds. Now talk to the fisherman and say 'lets talk about something' and he will tell you about the magic soup. Show him your soup and he will let you keep your fish in a bottle. Go to the research lab. Give him the soup and the fish and he will make a medicine-like soup. This is the real magic soup. Take it back to the cow and she will give you a map to under the well.
Go to Kakariko Villiage. Go to the well to see it is open. Inside it is different from when you were a kid. You see a long hall with several rooms on each side. About 11 rooms. Go to the only one without a lock. Inside is Queen Ghoma. She is now a mini-boss. Kill her and recieve a red key. Leave the room and fit it in the apropriate lock and see King Dodongo. Kill him and recieve a blue key. Fit it in the apropriate lock to see Barinade. Kill it and get a yellow key. At the other side of the room there is a yellow lock. Fit it in to see Sheik. He will tell you more about the well now. It is where the spirits of the now-dead bosses lurk. And the place's real name is now-(Drumroll) the Dark Realm. He dissappears and you can get a green key. Leave and fit it in the apropriate lock. This is Phantom Ganon. Kill him to get a dark red key that is almost on fire. Fit it in the apropriate lock and kill Volvagia. Now you get a blue key with water texture. Fit it in the apropriate lock to kill Morpha. Now you have a smoke gray key. Fit it in the apropriate lock to see Bongo Bongo. Now you have a red and blue key. Fit it in the apropriate lock to fight the final mini-boss, Twinrova. Kill them and get the final key-a white one.
Open the last door and see Zelda. She tells you that you have to get through an obstacle course to get to Gannondorf. Open the door and see a huge body of water. Use your ice arrows to form a bridge across this(they will melt, so hurry!). The next room is more difficult. Use the lens of truth to find the correct rope to climb on. There is more than one real rope as you start climbing. You need to see where it ends otherwise you will fall into the abyss. At the top, you see a rainbow key. Open the door to see Ganondorf. The room layout it different, so it's much more difficult. Kill him and fight Ganon. He's easier. No need for light hours; just stay under him and hit his tail. Kill him to see Zelda again. She tells you to use your lens of truth again. Then she leaves. On ont of the walls there is a huge door with the Triforce on it. Go in to see a HUGE set of triangles. You can't get it, but you take a picture of it. Do this and then walk right into it. You are teleported to the Temple of Time whith Zelda, Sheik, and all the Sages. Ruto is wearing a wedding dress and stalks up to you and knocks you down. Her face is red. Give her your pic of the triforce. She leaves you alone. CONGRATS! YOU SAVED THE WORLD! not really...

Shannie's Story:

1. You must get 100 skulltula's Then go to the castle as an adult and get the golden gauntlets. Next, go to Zora's domain and play the song of storms The zora who lets you play the diving game will ask you to melt the ice somehow and if you do he will give you a gift. To do this you must go to the running man who is unbeatable and he will tell you to guide him to the castle in safety when you do this he will give you a torch and a flying horse. Go back to the Zora's domain and melt the ice with the torch and return it to the Zora.He will thank you and give you an ancient Zora sword which can freeze anything with it's touch. Then you must enter the hole in the water somehow. You will be able to dive the distance. Lift the rock guarding the entrance to the Dragon Temple. Beat the invisible fire dragon with your Zora Sword. Then you will be taken to beat the Queen of the Gerudo's (gannondorf's wife). This is where you need the skill of your horse who will be waiting. Her powers include all those of the past bosses youv'e fought.Your horse will help to kill her. Use the fairy waiting at the entrance to beat her. You will then meet with the sages and zelda who will take your new gifts and give you the triforce to fulfill your destiny.

Matt's Story:

1. You need to have beaten the game.
2. (this part is true) you go back to where you beat gannon.
3. stand in the middle of the rubble.
4. (this part is not true) then you play the song of time and then the dead ganon will appear accept this time he will have all the dead bosses with him.
5. Then zelda will appear and give you the 4th and unknown piece of the triforce, the triforce of Hyrule, the acient and long forgotten triforce piece.
6. Then you use the triforce of Hyrule to destroy the other bosses.
7. Then you battle Ganon XL. He will try to destroy you with fire and ice beams that fall from the sky (you need the mirror shield to absorb the ice and fire).
8. Then you shoot it back at him, and he will be stunned. Then you shoot him with the Triforce of Hyrule (you repeat this 8 times).
9. When you shoot him the 8th time he will fall back, and with his last breath he will start an earthquake.
10. You need to run to the bridge but then Saria appears and says are you alright and that she saw the whole thing.
11. But when she is done talking she says i'm sorry to do this but now is your time to die.
12. Then she turns into a dark figure. You can't make out what it is.
13. Then out of nowhere all the sages appear and with thier power destroy the dark figure named Majora (who owns majora's mask)
14. Then the sages grant you the triforce.

Steph's Story:

1.Okay, First off you need to have 100 gold skulltulas.
2. You must be an adult.
3.Equip the Zora's tunic, your mirror shield, and your master sword, and also the hover boots.
4. Go to Zora's Fountain.
5. Blast the rock next to the great fairy's fountain and there is a hole in the floor. (this part is true)
6. Once you are at the top of the cavern, hover onto a tree.
7. (next part not true) Jump onto the ground that Jabu Jabu used to be next to. Navi points green there. Then an earthquake starts, and a dragon like Volvagia, only blue, blasts out of the rock. Fight it with your fire arrows and finish it off with your master sword.
8. After you beat it(it's very hard), the dragon will spit out special fire and melt Zora's domain.
9.The King will be happy and he will give you a note to give to the Running Man. It will say "Teach Link your running secret"
10. Go and give the note. The Running Man will say, "What the heck, alright I will!" He gives you an upgrade on your hover boots. You must race him, with your hover boots. Notice you'll go faster. If you win he teaches you a song called, "Pegusus Quartet."
11. Play the Pegusus Quartet and a white horse with wings appears and takes you to the mysterious fortress beside the castle town.
12. You go inside, kill about 20 guys and find a triforce symbol. You play Zelda's Lullaby and it warps you to the Temple of Time. Then the window that never shines will shine, and you must run in the light and you start flying up. Then you are in the Temple of Light and the Triforce is there!
13. It's bigger than you, and Ganondorf is sitting on his horse, which now has wings! Your flying horse appears and you must defeat Ganondorf shooting light arrows while on your horse.
14. To dodge his attacks you have to hold "Z" and tap "A" while you have your shield out, in order to fly.
15. Ganondorf turns into Ganon and you have to beat him all over again. He takes 25 shots then he dies and you get the triforce. Zelda comes and Link is crowned King and he marries Zelda. All the Sages are there.

~The End~

Benjamin's Story:

1.You must have beat the game.
2.Equip : Master Sword, Mirror Shield, Goron Tunic,and Hover Boots.
3.Beat the running man as an adult in under 1 minute and 20 seconds,he will give you his Flame Sword.
4.Go to the Ice Cavern and use the Flame Sword on the spinning blade and it will collapse. Then a giant Volvagia made of ice will come out. Destroy it with your Flame Sword.Each time you hit it blue flame will shoot out.
5.After you destroy it it will upgrade your Din's Fire. Din's Fire will now have a golden shield around it.Use Din's Fire on the platform near King Zora.
6.Zora's Domain will now be unfrozen.the Zoras will take you to the Dragon Temple.
7. When you walk in, you see it's just one big cave like room.
8.Go up to the fire in the middle of the room and a skeleton dragon named Kealnoneteon with fire wings and that blows fire appears ,it comes out of the fire.When he comes out he summons 5 Dinofolses and Lizafolses.
9.He will attack you with:Tail Swipe, Flamethrower, Shreak, and a swarm of skeleton Keese.
10.Defeat him with Ice Arrows, Light Arrows and your Biggoron Sword. After you defeat him you will recieve the Triforce.Now you are the most powerful person in the land of Hyrule, Link!!

Jason4197's Story:

When you go and see zelda for the frist time,have only a half of heart,and when you are shooting a bomb in side one of the windows or something and that bad dude will shoot a red bomb at you run up to it and wait till it blows you up.than zelda will run up to you and play a song and bring you back to life, and tell you how get the Triforce. Then she will tell you to come back when you have got at least 10 hearts. Zelda will than tell you now you can go and get the Triforce .than a new passway will open up in Lon Lon Ranch. Go there and it will bring you underground where you will have to find a map to the Triforce. Once you do that go to the lost woods and new passways will open for you,so you can get to the rocks in the woods,and one of them stone you can blow up,and down there you can get a new magic call lift off,after that go to the time thing,and play the song of storms and now it will rain in there,do this about 6 times so the room fills up,than you can reach the door that is up side down that leads to the temple of light, beat it and the Triforce is yours.

Rits' Story:

1. go to Hyrule Market as a child. Go to the room with the guard in it.
2. talk to him. smash all the bottles.
3. grab the Master Sword.
4. go to Hyrule Field. destroy all the poe's WITHOUT epona and lett them go.
5. talk to the ghost that buy the poe's.
6. He say: Oh no, you little bastard! you have taken the poe's away!
7. Put out your sword and kill all the poe's that attack you.
8. ten the ghost say to you: Mmh.... I give you a chance... play The Game Of Destiny and I will let you go....if you win! Heh heh heh......
9. Wait a few seconds and all the skull kids will attack you!!! The only way to kill them all is to put out your mirror shield.
10. they wil attack the ghost and you have win the game! Congratulations!
11. the ghost will forgive you and he give the Triforce to you! (the ghost is the best friend of Ganondorf, you know.)

Shanni's Story:

1. when you are young link, go to the running man.
2. Sell the bunny mask to him.
3. Play the "suns song" six times so three days pass
4. Go to hyrule field and find the running man again, talk to him. he will then ask you to meet him at lon lon ranch.
5. When you talk to him he wants to race you to the top of death mountain.
6. Beat him under 1:30.
7. He gives you a song(I don't know what it is called)that lets you warp anywhere.
8. Then when you are an adult, beat him again from Gerudo Valley, and he will give you a white ocarina which he said he got from an owl 7 years ago on the day that he raced a little boy(he said)
9. With the blue ocarina notice how you can't warp anywhere with it w/the warp song.
10. Take out you white ocarnia that replaced the blue one and play the warp song.
11. Suddenly an owl appears and brings you to the Temple of Light.
12. Take out the white ocarina and play zelda's lullaby.
13. A white and blue flash crosses the screen for about 3 and a half seconds.
14. After that crap play the song that brings you to the Temple of Time.
15. Go to the spiritual stones and notice how the door is closed to where you get the Master sword.
16. Now play the song of time. it re-opens the door
17. Go to the center and you can see the triforce (Its bigger than you!)
!Warning: If you touch it, the game freezes and you will lose all your information!

Shanni's Story:

1. go to the lon lon ranch as an adult and do the obstacle course.
2. beat it 3 times in a row under 49 seconds (not including 49)
3. then after that go straigt to the well in kakariko village and you should find books
4. then play zeldas song and 2 of the books will go away.
5. the last book there you hit it with the fake biggorons sword until you break it
6. a ray of light will pass under your feet
7 navi will automatically take you in the ray of light.
8. you will be in the sky trying to dodge paper airplanes
9. after that you will be taken to the triforce
10. if you get hit by a paper airplane you will have to start all over again

Triforce Clues:

Submitted by bobbybeck6305 I think the Triforce is in the temple of time.I think this because it is a temple and all temples have bosses.I also think that you have to do something to the Medallion symbols around the Master Sword.You might have to have all of the skulltula's though.There has to be a way to get the Triforce because you have a space for it in the middle of the medallion signs on the quest status screen.

Submitted by Rits
I have an idea on what the Pyramid in the Haunted Wasteland is. After beat the Great Deku Tree, he will say about a evil man that comes from the desert... So, maybe it's the piramid of Ganondorf. Maybe it's not. But, if that is true, maybe can you as young Link kill Ganondorf and save Hyrule and finish the game without beating all the Temples.......

Submitted by Cyborg903.
Look above the spiritual stones as an adult. See it?
The triforce is lit up with an arrow over it and rays of the sun to the side.
Of course you know what that means. Rauru told you himself that the temple of light is above the Temple of Time.
He said the Triforce is hidden there. Now look at the other side of the room. You will see another arrow pointing to the window.
The window has no light. But what if it did? Would you be able to look directly in it and travel in the sky like in Mario64? Also look in pg.31 in the book and look at the top picture. This backround is impossible unless you are floating.Suspicious huh?

Submitted by Me!
I noticed that before the end of the game when you fight Gannondorf that you, Princess Zelda, and Gannondorf all have Triforce imprints on their hands. Does this mean that the Triforce is already, and as always been owned by them three?
Could it be that they all own one piece of the Triforce? Link owns the Piece of Courage, Zelda, the Piece of Wisdom, and Gannondorf, the Piece of Power.

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